5 Comforting TV Shows For A Rainy Day
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5 Comforting TV Shows For A Rainy Day

There are a numerous amount of TV shows out there to binge. Countless streaming services that we can watch them all on. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to TV; so why is it that we find ourselves making our way back to a show we have seen many times before? I’ll tell you why… Because it’s comforting! There is nothing better than having a show you can always rely on and run back to, no matter what kind of mood you are in. Whether it be at a time where you really just want to laugh, cry or feel uplifted; or simply when you just need to have something on in the background while you’re doing some chores (or some writing in my case!). But honestly, it can be so overwhelming choosing a new show to binge. I spend so much time trying to decide, but in the end I always end up going back to the same old shows…

So without further ado, here are my five comforting TV shows that will always be there for you! (Cue the Friends reference!)

1. Friends

  1. Of course this show had to be on this list. After years and years, Friends never fails to make me laugh, no matter how many times I’ve seen each episode. It follows the lives of six friends living in the heart of New York City. Over the course of 10 years, we see them fight together, laugh together and cry together, as they learn what it truly means to be a friend. It’s one of those shows where you can relate to each of the characters in some way, from Monica’s obsessive-compulsive nature to Joey’s love of food. Each character has something so lovable about them, which makes it impossible to pick a favourite! I love this show and it will always be one of my go-to shows. (They were definitely NOT on a break!)

Favourite Episode? Season 6, Episode 10: The One With The Routine – Ross and Monica resurrect their dance routine from high school, as they try and get selected for a platform spot to get shown on TV. It’s definitely a routine that cannot be missed!

2. Gilmore Girls

“Oy with the poodles already!” This show centres around the relationship between a young, quirky single mother Lorelai and her teen daughter Rory living in Stars Hollow, along with Lorelai’s turbulent and rocky relationship with her parents, Emily and Richard. It is the perfect mixture between romance, humour and of course drama! You’ve really not lived until you have experienced and witnessed a typical town meeting in Stars Hollow! I could go on all day about how much I love this show, from it’s quick-witted humour and one liners to all of it’s unique and wonderfully weird characters, all the way up to Taylor’s horrific toupee! There is something about the show which makes you feel like you personally know the characters, like you really are a part of their amazing theatrical town. Gilmore Girls is a show you cannot miss! (Team Jess all the way!)

Favourite Episode? Season 4, Episode 22: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights – The episode where the ultimate love story finally begins. Two people finally realising that everything they wanted was right there in front of them the entire time. Lorelai and Luke are the perfect match and will forever be one of my all time favourite TV couples!

3. One Tree Hill

Just hearing the theme song for this show puts me in a good mood! In the early seasons, One Tree Hill is based around two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, who at first are rivals in every aspect of their lives, but they really start to bond as the show progresses. The thing I love about this show is just how human it really is; all of the characters are so relatable and all of the story lines are so believable, to the point where one minute you could be crying your eyes out, but the next you’ll be completely belly laughing! The character development for each character is so well written. Take Nathan Scott for instance, at first he is a guy that you will absolutely hate; but by the end of the show he will be your dream man without a doubt! Nathan and Haley’s love story will always be one of my favourites in TV, they are the definition of a perfect couple! (Team Nathan all day! Sorry Lucas!)

Favourite Episode? Season 6, Episode 24: Remember Me as a Time of Day – The episode where Nathan’s dream finally comes true. The moment he tells Haley that he’s made the NBA makes me cry every single time without fail! It is such a special moment for the both of them; and the acting in this scene between the two actors is beautiful.

4. Alexa & Katie

The true meaning of friendship is the main focus of this beautiful show. Lifelong friends Alexa and Katie are just about to start their freshman year of high school together, until they tragically discover that Alexa is ill with cancer and starts to undergo treatment. Katie makes a very brave and loving decision and shaves her head for her best friend in solidarity, just so that she wouldn’t feel alone. The two friends navigate their way through the ups and downs of high school all the way up to their graduation day. This is another show that will have you laughing one minute, to crying the next. It’s so cleverly written, they manage to turn such a tragic story line into such a lighthearted and funny show.

Favourite Episode? Part 4, Episode 8: This Feels Right – The last episode of the series. It’s a very special one, it ends with a beautiful montage of moments throughout the entire series, which is sure to get you crying! In this episode, we see the girls preparing to leave their families and go to college. But do they end up going to the same one? There’s only one way to find out… Watch it now!

5. Sex And The City

And last but not least! These four powerhouse women are not a force to be reckoned with. Sex And The City focuses around four women who gossip about their sex lives (or lack of!) while navigating their way through life as a woman in the 1990’s. This show is most definitely for us ladies out there, but if you’re a guy you could maybe learn a thing or two by watching this show! All four leading women are so different, however they seem to compliment each other so much to make the ultimate girl group, which we would all die to be a part of. Carrie Bradshaw being the literal voice of the show, Miranda being the voice of reason, Charlotte being the most traditional of the group; and then there is Samantha who avoids emotional attachment at all costs! Through the ups and downs, through the laughs and the messy break-ups, these women are always there for each other (most of the time with a cocktail in hand!)

Favourite Episode? Season 6, Episode 20: An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux) – The episode where Carrie finally gets her man. Big chases her all the way to Paris, just to tell her that she is the one. Is there anything more that we could want from a man!? Men take note!

So there you have it, five shows that are well and truly worth the watch! I could not recommend these shows enough. They’re all so relatable in their own special way, which is what I love about every single one of them. So if you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold… Then give these shows a watch! (Cue the Gilmore Girls reference!)

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